About Jerri Lynn Ward

Jerri Lynn Ward is an attorney practicing in Austin, Texas as the owner of the firm Garlo Ward, PC. She is a Christian libertarian active in pro-life issues.   In 2006, she was honored as Pro-Life Attorney of the Year by Texas Right to Life for her efforts in representing families and testifying before the Texas Legislature against the Texas Futile Care Statute. She served as the attorney for the families of Andrea Clark and Baby Emilio Gonzales against hospitals that tried to remove life-sustaining treatment from Andrea and Baby Emilio.  On June 14, 2007, she was a speaker at the annual National Right To Life Convention held in Kansas City. She spoke on the topic of Futile Care Theory. She is the hostess of the monthly talk radio show, “I Object! Justice Examined” on Right Talk Radio. In the past, she was a guest host on Mychal Massie’s show “Straight Talk” at Right Talk Radio and has been a guest on that show and others. she has also appeared on numerous radio shows and on Geraldo regarding pro-life issues.